As we become more mindful, so does our community.

We host events and retreats designed to refresh and strengthen mind, body, and spirit all set within the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley.

As we become more mindful, so does our community.

We host events and retreats designed to refresh and strengthen mind, body, and spirit all set within the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley.


There’s no better place to regain your balance, practice mindfulness, actively explore, and lean into joy than Santa Barbara County.

We’re surrounded by natural wonders, and this beauty not only draws visitors but an incredible wealth of creatives, makers, artisans, wellness workers, and fitness enthusiasts.

Each event we plan has a different emphasis some are more athletic and energizing, others are more relaxing and restorative. If this month’s events don’t have what you’re looking for, check back next month’s probably will!

Interested in how we can create custom events for your group or how we can partner with you to enhance your hospitality program? Learn more here.

Explore our 5 Pillars

In each VWC event, you will meet local experts who will teach you their skills and share their passions. Many event activities will be inspired by our Five Pillars: Movement, Creativity, Nourishment, Relaxation, and Mindfulness.

1. Movement

Bringing in a wide variety of physical movement styles and instructors, our goal is to use movement to strengthen mind, body and spirit in a holistic approach. We’d like to introduce you to ways to incorporate more movement into your life by doing things you love.

Activities may include:

Bootcamp. Mat Pilates. Barre. Yoga. Kickboxing. Zumba. Hip Hop. Tai Chi. Latin Dance. Bellydance. CrossFit. Aerobics. Performance Training. Water Aerobics. HIIT. Evolutions. Nia. Sports Conditioning. Stretch & Flexibility. Aerial Yoga.

2. Creativity

Creative expression expands the mind and nourishes the heart, yet few of us make creativity a priority in our daily lives. Get in touch with your inner creative force and free yourself up to play.

Activities may include:

Mandala Carvings. Henna Body Art. Make your own Medicine Bag. Inventive Weaving. Watercolor Painting. Creative Calligraphy. Leather Wrapping. Crystal Herb Wreaths. Mala Bead Necklaces. Smudge Sticks. Natural Fabric Dyeing.

3. Nourishment

These hands-on learning experiences focus on nurturing our bodies and minds with food. Together, we’ll learn skills we can use at home to make our meals — and even coffee breaks — a bit more mindful and much more restorative.

Activities may include:

Create your Own Kombucha. Juicing 101. Organic Herb Gardening. Mindful Meal Prep. Farmers Market to Table. Make your Own Herbal Tea. Cooking with Seasonal Superfoods. Ferment your Way to Health.

4. Relaxation

We ask a lot of ourselves, rarely creating space for moments of true peace, reflection, and relaxation. This is where we fill up our empty vessels with pampering and self-care.

Activities may include:

Restorative Yoga. Sound Healing. Massage. Acupressure. Reiki. Ayurvedic Body Treatments. Meditation. Aromatherapy. Restorative Touch. Body Brushing.

5. Mindfulness

Our goal is for you to feel motivated and energized to use what you learn with us to be more mindful in your everyday life. With that in mind, we like to take time with each mini-retreat to build momentum you can use to jumpstart joyful practices at home.

Activities may include:

Vision-Board Workshops. Art Journaling. Mindfulness Practices. Smile Therapy. Daily Affirmations. Laughter Yoga. Self Appreciation Discovery. Conscious Kindness.

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