Hello, I’m Kelly Fiore, Founder of Valley Wellness Collective.

I’ve been a lifelong entrepreneur, but gave up my business to grow my family. Only recently have I discovered how to reignite my passions and take care of myself. This is my story...

My Personal Journey to Wellness

My personal journey to wellness didn’t really begin until, well, life happened.

Before becoming a mother of three lively boys, I was a life-long saleswoman and entrepreneur. I’d worked in sales and marketing since high school and built a successful business by the time my husband and I married. But when our first boy came, and the second, then the third… my 60-hour workweeks weren’t cutting the mustard. I knew I couldn’t give 110% to my business and be a mother of 3 baby boys at the same time, but when I left my business behind, I didn’t realize how much of myself I was giving up.

It took a few years for me to acknowledge that I was actually unhappy.

In fact, it only occurred to me when I found myself regularly turning to alcohol to cope.

I could have easily slipped down that rabbit hole, but I was aware enough to know I needed to figure out how to deal with my life and emotions, and find myself again. The old Kelly would be killing it at life, not sitting at home having a pity party!

And so began my journey into radical self-care.

One of the best things I did for myself was to ask for help. I reached out to family and friends, and hired a babysitter so I could go to group counseling and connect with other people who were also struggling.

I started to explore activities I’d never tried before, like yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. I discovered what foods made my body feel its best. I read sooo many self-help books and listened to empowering podcasts in the car. I started connecting with my body, mind and spirit and felt the drive to keep exploring, keep learning, and keep expanding my horizons.

I found so many positive ways to cope with my challenges.

Most importantly, I found a deep love for personal growth.

I realized that I felt happiest when I regularly did five things:


I get such amazing energy from nourishing my body by trying new forms of exercise and have explored many modalities hiking, HIIT classes, yoga, and many more. I’m also a certified Barre instructor!


This has been a life-changer! I’ve been finding out what foods trigger me to feel bad and what makes me feel my best, and it’s put me in tune with my body in a whole new way.


My favorite creative outlet has always been building and marketing businesses. When the concept came to me to use what I’ve learned, and the connections I’ve made in the community, to help other people pursue their own personal growth and mindfulness through The Valley Wellness Collective, it’s like the clouds parted. My path was clear.


With three young kids, relaxing is both extremely important and next to impossible. I love learning about natural ways to heal the body and calm the mind, I try to meditate regularly, and I find a lot of peace in the great outdoors.


I spent so much of my life worrying about what other people thought, concerned that I wasn’t doing or saying the right things. Once I finally accepted myself for who I am (and stopped trying to please others), a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. I was able to realize how blessed I am, how happy I could be, and that I wanted to share that with others. Now I work to mindfully cultivate a positive mindset with myself in daily life because that’s the foundation for everything else.

These became my Five Pillars the essential ingredients to each VWC event.

I walk around town with a smile on my face every day, acknowledging almost every stranger I pass with a friendly ‘hello,’ and smile at people passing me in their cars.

The positive energy we carry in ourselves filters out into the world, creating the kind of community that we all want to be part of.

kelly fiore

The positive energy we carry in ourselves filters out into the world, creating the kind of community that we all want to be part of.

Why I Started The Valley Wellness Collective

(This isn’t just my journey it’s yours too)

The Valley Wellness Collective is, in many ways, the synthesis of my personal journey. But I created it so we can all go on this journey. I don’t have all the answers. I’m still learning! I won’t be teaching these classes because I want to be in the seat right next to you, expanding our worlds, learning new skills, and growing together.

Most importantly, we don’t want this to be ‘personal growth’ for the privileged few.

Our vision is to use our resources to create programs our whole community can enjoy - for free.

Which is why for every event we host, we are donating a percentage of the proceeds to local schools, senior centers and non-profit organizations, so they can educate and promote wellness in the ways they need most.

Maybe that’s hosting free exercise classes in our local park, or offering a mindfulness seminar to school teachers; perhaps its creating programs specifically for children - or offering free fitness and nutrition classes to their parents.

In short, The Valley Wellness Collective is about more than making time for personal growth. It’s also a vehicle to make wellness and growth accessible to everyone in our community.

Let’s take this journey together.