Keeping Your Vibration High

Whether you can sense this or not, you are so much more than your list of accomplishments and so much more than the goals you have set before you. It’s easy to get lost in the list of to-do’s and feel stressed and pressured to do more, while skipping out on meeting some of our basic human needs for sleep, time connecting with loved ones’ and, even more so, time to be alone; to feed ourselves high-quality mental and spiritual food that we crave and deserve. The rat race still exists if we wish to keep running in it. A sense of foreboding fear that something bad will happen to us if we shift our attention and change our perspectives keeps us running faster and faster. We feel tired and stuck without recourse.

Lani Reagan, intuitive life coach specializing in energy readings, healing and meditation training, says the one thing you can do with the greatest impact, to keep your inner motor revved up, is as simple as sitting still. Maybe you’d think there is no way you could ever sit still and feel “ok” about it unless everything on your long list gets done. If you find yourself saying that right now, you’re probably noticing how the “list” really never gets finished and that unless you make it a goal to define your life on your own terms, instead of by the terms of your list, you will likely end up with endless tasks, without the punctuation marks that add meaning and color to your life.

What if stepping out of the rat-race was as simple as practicing to turn it off purposely?

Would you be willing to try it if it could enhance the quality of your relationships, bring you closer to the ones you love; if it could lower your blood pressure and improve the quality of your sleep: if it could leave you feeling refreshed and focused upon waking and make your days pass faster with increased productivity? Having all of that can be obtained by setting aside only 10 to 20 minutes a day with no side effects, no hang-overs, no drained bank accounts from emotional shopping, and no side effects from antidepressants.

Lani discovered the profound impact of somatic therapy which relates to releasing emotions that get lodged in soft tissues of the body, causing limited range of motion, misalignments and pain.  Through this work, she became aware of subtle energy coming off the body. It wasn’t until her own body got sick that she picked up a book about self-healing; did the movements on herself and found her migraine headache of 3 days miraculously gone. Intrigued, she booked a session with an expert and 25 minutes into the appointment, all of her other symptoms had disappeared; she felt incredibly peaceful. It was in that moment, Lani decided to study this intriguing and rapidly growing field of energy-work; energy-healing and intuitive skill.

Through the American Institute of Asian Studies, Master Choa Kok Sui (modern day founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga), Lana was taught to harness and master her natural clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities, as well as delineate energy healing into a science, that was measurable in quantity and quality. Gradually, her clairvoyance was requested by more clients and her approach to wellness switched from being focused solely on the body to the area of the mind/body connection.  This has resulted in a successful practice where clients feel huge shifts and are empowered to affect great change in their lives.

Energy-work and other complementary modalities are getting more and more attention as people take more responsibility for their health and well-being. Many energy-work practitioners are building thriving practices facilitating a healing experience while giving clients self-healing tools to maintain their vibrations for optimal health. Meditation is a main tool that Lani uses to teach her clients and students about their energetic anatomy so that they too, can not only use meditation to maintain a high frequency, but they can also use the energetic field to co-create more positive experiences in their lives. Maybe you think that 10 to 20 minutes a day couldn’t yield that dramatic of a result, but the thing to remember is that it is cumulative and the more you aim at bringing greater awareness to the table, the more you will begin to notice how differently others respond to you, and how different you feel in normally stressful situations.


Lani Reagan

When you experience energy-work for yourself firsthand, you discover how powerfully it can affect your health, wellness and recovery. Lani refers to her work as “intuitive coaching sessions” as her skill set provides an informational, educational as well as a rapid healing experience. Her programs enable clients to practice preventive health maintenance, learn about their own energy patterns, and use energetic healing tools to create greater flow and expansion in all aspects of their lives