Calling all artists, instructors, coaches, health & wellness practitioners, studio owners and creatives!

We’d like to invite you to help us create - and lead - our wellness events.

Would you like to join our team of wellness event and retreat leaders?

There are so many talented, knowledgeable professionals tucked away in these mountains and valleys - talented professionals like YOU! Part of our mission is to get YOU in front of more people who’ll love what you do.

We’d like to invite you to help us create - and lead - our events and mini-retreats. Our events will usually involve activities inspired by our 5 event pillars. The entire experience is all about enjoying the moment while learning new skills that participants can take home with them.

Click on each pillar below to discover a few of our offerings...

Bootcamp. Mat Pilates. Barre. Yoga. Kickboxing. Zumba. Hip Hop. Tai Chi. Latin Dance. Bellydance. CrossFit. Aerobics. Performance Training. Water Aerobics. HIIT. Evolutions. Nia. Sports Conditioning. Stretch & Flexibility. Aerial Yoga.

Mandala Carvings. Henna Body Art. Make your own Medicine Bag. Inventive Weaving. Watercolor Painting. Creative Calligraphy. Leather Wrapping. Crystal Herb Wreaths. Mala Bead Necklaces. Smudge Sticks. Natural Fabric Dyeing.

Create your Own Kombucha. Juicing 101. Organic Herb Gardening. Mindful Meal Prep. Farmers Market to Table. Make your Own Herbal Tea. Cooking with Seasonal Superfoods. Ferment your Way to Health.

Restorative Yoga. Sound Healing. Massage. Acupressure. Reiki. Ayurvedic Body Treatments. Meditation. Aromatherapy. Restorative Touch. Body Brushing.

Vision-Board Workshops. Art Journaling. Mindfulness Practices. Smile Therapy. Daily Affirmations. Laughter Yoga. Self Appreciation Discovery. Conscious Kindness.

The possibilities are endless! We’re counting on you to help us grow our list with your own ideas and areas of expertise. VWC is an ideal venue to share your passion for mindfulness, wellness, joyful creativity, and healthy living.

And if your idea is a little off the beaten path?

That’s even better.

Ready to learn more?

Do you have a passion you’d like to share? We want to hear about it, and see how we can grow a more mindful community together. We have just a few questions to get started!

Every event we host is an opportunity for you to connect with community members, meet new clients and grow your individual brand.


Every event we host is an opportunity for you to connect with community members, meet new clients and grow your individual brand.

Other Ways We’ll Support You

We all need some support to do our best work, and we want to make sure you have it. We offer the following resources for a low fee (photographers aren’t cheap) or free when possible...

  • Social media workshops - We will bring in some of our local social media marketing experts to teach us how to effectively market our businesses online so we can have an even greater collective impact!
  • Professional photoshoots - We will be partnering with some incredible photographers in our community to stage workshops/events and lifestyle shoots to help you build a database of images to promote your business both online and offline.
  • Other small business support tools and lessons, because professional growth is just as important as personal growth!

More Opportunities

We’re also offering à la carte and packaged services to the local hospitality industry, which means we’ll need professionals for corporate retreats, private group events, and individual private sessions. If those types of opportunities interest you, let us know.

VWC is a way we can help each other grow, share abundance, and work together to create impactful, positive change in our community.

Ready to join us?