Being Called To Teach

Even though I teach mindful movement classes, I’ve never felt called to teach.  I don’t have many memories growing up (more on that later), but one of the few that stand out to me was when I played school with my older sister and one of her friends.  We rode our bikes over to our local elementary school during the summer, dumpster dove to find old textbooks and homework packets, then I played their pupil back at home.  I was young and dearly wanted her attention, so I would do anything my sister asked.  I preface it this way, because as I got older, I never chose to be the teacher.  Instead, I played office and ran my own business.

Yet here we are, facing unprecedented circumstances due to the pandemic that Covid-19 has brought upon us.  Every parent out there now has to hang their business hat and assume the responsibility of teacher, whether or not they feel called to do it.  I don’t have a background in education, but I do have a plethora of knowledge in management.  So it only made sense for me to view this new opportunity as a new little business venture.  That wiped away the unease and instead filled me with excitement.  If I can organize and execute 500 people to work in one day, I can streamline a fun and fulfilling day for three little kids.

My children (and I) all operate best on a schedule.  Having an outline of what our day is going to look like has key to ensuring that the animals don’t go too wild.  And since our three weeks of homeschool could easily turn into three months, I felt it was necessary to instill some routine to our lives and to ensure we don’t forget about our school work altogether.  I created this schedule to provide us with some guidance on activities and projects that we can complete during the day.  I would like to point out that the key to this is FLEXIBILITY.  We might skip one subject if they are so focused on the former (I’m not breaking up a good thing) or might choose to bump up recess because they need to get their energy out earlier.  We might scrap the entire morning and to go on an exciting adventure (which right now means exploring nature since we can’t field trip to a museum). And there will be some days where we stay in our pajamas and watch movies all day!  I’m letting them lead the way and just using this as a guideline for our day.

If you would like to access this file on excel, so you can move around the activities or times to suit your family’s needs, click here.

I also thought I would share some ideas that I had compiled for the next few weeks of project-centered activities.

And lastly… bribes.  They go a LONG way!  Fill up your amazon cart with new toys, trinkets or other treasures. If there was ever a time for them, this is it!!

I haven’t yet figured out how to weave in my own work time into this schedule, with the exception of attempting to do it while they have screen time.  (I don’t know about you but I am way too depleted at the end of the day to cram it in at night) But I’m giving myself some slack in that department and letting go of the stress. Right now it’s about them.

Hope this helps some of you through this transition.  Please comment with any tips or tricks that have worked for you!!


Kelly Fiore

Kelly is the Founder of Valley Wellness Collective. She is also a barre teacher and lover of all things wellness and Santa Ynez Valley.